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Jet Aire’s CCTV drain surveys are used for domestic, industrial and commercial sites to provide detailed assessment of the condition of drains.


A CCTV drain survey is the most efficient and reliable way to identify any drain issues, defects which may require repairs.

It can investigate and diagnose problems without having to dig up pipework, which can be costly and disruptive. Jet Aire have invested in the latest CCTV equipment and software for fast and accurate inspection and reporting, backed by highly trained engineers.

What is a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV drain survey inserts CCTV camera technology into your drain to provide a comprehensive, in-depth inspection of your drainage system with accurate mapping. Our engineers operate the cameras to provide live feedback of footage which enables a clear view of any defects, damage or degradation.

We provide CCTV surveys for the following:

  • Offices
  • Retail estates
  • Distribution centres
  • Industrial sites
  • Residential properties
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Leisure amenities

Why would you need one?

CCTV drain surveys are extremely useful and cost-effective for businesses and public sector organisations as well as domestic customers.

CCTV drain surveys for repairs

A CCTV drain survey is a useful tool for homeowners, tenants or landlords experiencing a drainage issue involving their property. With minimal disruption, it can quickly identify the source of the issue and the remedial measures required to address it.

For this reason, a CCTV drain survey is a sound investment for a business or other organisation experiencing an issue – drainage is a business-critical resource, so a fast diagnosis and solution can be vital to avoid operational problems.

CCTV surveys for preventative maintenance

As well as being a useful reactive measure, CCTV drain surveys are useful as preventative maintenance for larger businesses and organisations. CCTV drain surveys can provide a ‘health check’ which forms part of a planned programme, identifying any potential issues which may become a costly problem in either the short or long term. Preventative measure can then be scheduled accordingly, depending on the status/urgency of the issue. A CCTV drain survey can future proof your drainage system for decades. For more information about preventative maintenance, please read our detailed article here.

CCTV drain surveys for house purchases

If you are looking to buy a new home, a CCTV drain survey can be arranged as part of your overall survey to determine the condition of the drainage system, enabling you to make a fully-informed decision prior to signing the contract. Damaged or collapsed drains are often responsible for structural problems in a building, so CCTV drain surveys can often prove to be crucial. They are widely used by builders, architects, surveyors, domestic and commercial property owners. Jet Aire are often asked to do CCTV drain surveys as part of a Home Buyers Report.

CCTV drain surveys for home insurance

Insurance policy schedules can be very strict and many companies won’t over pay the costs if your home’s drainage issue is an inherited problem, especially if you neglected to carry out a survey. Many mortgage lenders, surveyors and home insurance companies now stipulate CCTV drain surveys for properties above a certain age or value.

CCTV drain surveys for home extensions

If you are planning to add an extension or conservatory on your existing property, the local water authority will ask you to carry out a CCTV Drain survey if you are building over or near their assets.

What can a CCTV drain survey find?

Drain surveys are designed to deliver an extensive, comprehensive analysis review of your drainage system and will identify virtually any issue, including:

  • Blocked / Broken drains
  • Fractured pipework
  • Faulty fall gradients
  • Misaligned joints
  • Concrete or grout build-up
  • Poorly connected pipes
  • Cooking fat build-up
  • Collapsed drains or collapsed sewers
  • Causes and extent of leaks or sudden bursts in pipes
  • Corrosion and wear and tear
  • Animal intrusion
  • Tree root intrusion or Japanese Knotweed roots

How can I tell I have a broken pipe or drainage problem which may need a CCTV survey?

Below are 7 common signs that you may have a broken drain or sewer line:

1. The smell around where your pipes or sewer lines are are often an indication you need to have a CCTV Sewer Inspection

2. If your drain takes a long time for the liquid to go down

3. Your drain or toilet is completely backed up for no reason

4. You suddenly start seeing a patch of grass growing more lush than the rest

5. Boggy Ground or a Spongy Lawn

6. An increase in flies or insects

7. Cracks in walls or crumbling foundations

CCTV Drain Surveys from Jet Aire

– how our service works

Jet Aire’s CCTV Drain Condition Surveys assess footage of runs between 100mm and 1800mm to identify any existing or potential issues. We follow a thorough and systematic process for all CCTV Drain Surveys for drainage systems and networks of all sizes and complexities:

  • 1. We provide you with a free, no obligation quotation to carry out a CCTV Drain Condition Survey on your site/property
  • 2. Our experienced and OS19X qualified team of Drainage Inspection Engineers visit your site and insert CCTV cameras into your drain lines and pipework. The camera provides a real-time view of your drain condition which is fed back for observation by the engineer.
  • 3. Based on the footage obtained, we produce a comprehensive report which maps the condition of your drainage system. We use high quality images and CAD drawings to provide precise depictions of where any issues were found.
  • 4. The report is supplied in digital and hard copy format. If required, we will gladly meet and go through the report with you.
  • 5. If the report identifies any issues, we provide fully costed recommendations for any immediate or future remedial work to address the problem. Our drainage expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of repair/remediation services. If a defect is discovered, we can use advanced sonar tracing equipment to identify its exact location and locate the line, depth and direction of the drain.

CCTV drain surveys in hazardous environments

Jet Aire have the specialist training and resources to carry out CCTV drain surveys in areas which have a high level of environmental risk and hazardous conditions, including sites use for energy and chemical processing.

We use explosion-proof Atex Rated Zone 1 CCTV cameras when surveying drains in potentially explosive conditions and our highly skilled operatives service facilities that are subject toControl of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) regulations. Our drainage engineers are fully trained in managing risk in accordance with COMAH compliance.

If you need a CCTV drain survey to diagnose an issue or provide a health check for preventative maintenance, contact us today. Our service coverage details are below.