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Jet Aire carry out septic tanking emptying for locations throughout the region.


Jet Aire are highly experienced in the maintenance of all types and sizes of septic tank. Our engineers use high-performance equipment to provide efficient septic tank emptying services with rapid turnaround of waste removal.

How often do septic tanks need emptying?

Cesspits and Septic Tanks usually require emptying at least once a year. The frequency can depend on the size, design model of the tank. It can also be determined by the number of people who occupy/use the property/properties which the septic tank serves.

We provide septic tank emptying for the following:

  • Single septic tanks
  • Multi-chamber septic tanks
  • Septic tanks for domestic properties
  • Septic tanks for schools
  • Septic tanks for hotels, pubs and restaurants
  • Septic tanks for leisure amenities
  • Septic tanks for industrial sites

What happens when septic tanks are not emptied often enough?

Solid waste accumulates at the bottom of the tank over time, potentially causing blockage and smells if the tank is not maintained often enough. Attention must be paid to the piping system as pooling around the septic tank is often a sign that a clogged piping system is forcing liquid to the surface.

Failure to maintain your septic tank on a regular basis can reduce its efficiency. If more particles enter the drainfield and the soak-away becomes clogged, this could lead to expensive soakaway replacement. An overflowing or malfunctioning tank can also cause health and environmental risks.

If your property uses a septic tank, we advise that you read the 2015 legislation relating to discharge from septic tanks to ensure that you meet your responsibilities with full compliance.

How can I tell if a septic tank needs emptying?

Below are 5 common signs that your septic tank requires maintenance:

  • Foul smells in the area near the septic tank
  • Surface water pooling within the drain field of your septic tank
  • Slow-draining sinks and toilets that cannot be rectified by unblocking the drain in question
  • Unusually abundant plant growth in the area near the tank
  • Overflow of sludge or scum on the water, for systems where sewage flows into water

Septic tank emptying from Jet Aire

– how our service works

Jet Aire follow a thorough and systematic process for septic tank emptying:

  • 1. You contact our office team to discuss the requirements of your property.
  • 2. We assess your requirements and submit a prompt quotation for the cost of work.
  • 3. Subject to approval of the quotation, you book a suitable appointment time for your septic tank emptying.
  • 4. Our experienced team of Drainage Engineers visit your property at the agreed time to carry out the work.

Septic tank emptying equipment

Jet Aire’s range of high-performance Jet-Vacs, ranging in size from 12t to 32t, are used to empty septic tanks, which are often found in rural areas, serving remote groups of properties. Using vacuumation, our Jet-Vac team connects numerous lengths of hose to often awkward situated chambers and thoroughly clear the foul water.

For advice and assistance relating to your septic tank maintenance, contact us today.