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Our Fleet

For over thirty years, Jet Aire has been providing a range of first class drainage solutions to commercial, industrial and domestic clients by using a variety of methods that rectify any structural problems in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner; ensuring minimal disruption.


Jet Aire have invested significant resources in ensuring we are fully equipped with the latest fleet of vehicles to efficiently carry out all domestic and commercial drainage related work from small bore to large diameter pipework.

Van Pack Unit

These units are equipped with a CCTV camera system, which allows the surveying of runs from 100mm (4”) up to 1200mm (48”). In addition to the camera equipment, the vans are also fitted with a high-pressure jetting unit, that will clear drains from 100mm to 225mm. The jetting unit works at 3000psi and has a 100m of hose, so can be used in areas with limited access.

Jet-Vac Unit

Jet Aire operate a fleet of Jet-Vacs from 18t through to 32T. These units have a waste capacity of 1000-3000 gallons, jet at 50-90 gallons per minute, with 100-200m of jetting hose. These units work on pipe diameters of 150mm up to 1800mm. They can also be used to empty and clean grease traps, gullies, interceptors, pumping chambers, septic tanks, soakaways and wet wells.

Recycler Unit

Jet Aire have added one of only four JHL Flexline 414 Recycler Units that are in the UK and the only one in the North. Similar to a standard Jet-Vac, the recycler can work on large diameter drains, such as culverts, but, unlike the Jet-Vac, it recycles the water it uses, so has less down time. It is ideal for sites such as motorway works and rail sidings, as the unit can stay on site for the duration of the shift.