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Jet Aire carry out a professional service for industrial tank cleaning across all sectors of manufacturing, utilities and energy.


Jet Aire’s industrial tank cleaning service

Jet Aire are highly experienced in the maintenance of all types and sizes of industrial tank. We can provide high-performance equipment and confined space entry teams to carry out the inspection and cleaning of tanks. We work safely and efficiently to minimise downtime for businesses and organisations.

What is industrial tank cleaning?

Tank cleaning is the process of preparing industrial tanks and vessels for inspections, removing blockages/ residue and preventing contamination. As an exercise that involves a high level of risk, it requires specialist equipment and expertise to ensure that all work is completed as safely as possible.

We provide tank cleaning for the following:

  • storage tanks
  • processing tanks
  • mixing tanks
  • chemical silos
  • water tanks
  • transportation tanks
  • digesters
  • fuel tanks
  • break tanks

Why do industrial tanks need cleaning?

Irrespective of their use, all tanks require specialist cleaning at some stage. Industrial tanks and interceptors need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid the potential development of leaks, spills, contamination, pollution or degradation. Cleaning is vital to remove any solids, sludges, liquids and residues to return a tank to full working order.

Regulatory compliance

The cleaning and maintenance of industrial tanks is subject to regulatory requirements. Organisations must meet compliance to avoid potential regulatory action. Negligence can lead to a damaging equipment failure, taking a heavy toll on finances and reputations.

Industrial tank cleaning requires a comprehensive process to comply with regulations: the removal of all waste and ensuring that all of the filters, sensors and surrounding areas have been cleaned thoroughly, while checking often to ensure the unit remains in good working order.

The value of planned maintenance

Jet Aire can respond to call-out to inspect and address problems when they become apparent. However, reactive maintenance is not a desirable approach in the long term. Instead, we recommend routine cleaning and maintenance as part of an ongoing programme of pre-planned maintenance. This will keep tanks in optimum condition and avert any potential issues, extending their lifespan whilst avoiding downtime and expensive repairs further down the line.

Our expertise covers every requirement

  • Vessels and interceptors manufactured from steel, concrete or reinforced plastics and fibreglass.
  • Complex and challenging industrial cleaning projects, including tanks containing hazardous chemicals or substances.
  • Servicing tanks involving structures above or below ground, including lagoons.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of associated pipelines, sewers and culverts.

Our experienced engineers can ensure your tanks are comprehensively cleaned without any risk of leaks, contamination or pollution incidents. Jet Aire’s end-to-end service oversees the entire process on your behalf, including all associated documentation and administration. We also offer a tank decommissioning service where required.

Industrial tank cleaning from Jet Aire – how our service works

A ‘one size fits all’ service does not apply to industrial tank cleaning. The most suitable solution can depend on the type of tank and substance that need cleaning.

It is important that you carry out an inspection of your tank, especially when it involves dangerous or contaminated substances. In some cases, it is advisable to check for weaknesses with a Non Destructive Test which covers metal thicknesses, weld failures and potential abnormalities. This is usually carried out by an independent body (Jet Aire can advise on this). In many cases, tanks must be thoroughly evaluated to ensure there are no actual or potential atmospheric hazards involved in the cleaning process.

Once the inspection has taken place, Jet Aire will conduct a full site assessment free of charge. We will assess all aspects of the task, including pricing, and supply a comprehensive site-specific Method Statement and Risk Assessment which will enable the safe delivery of the task. Based on the tank’s condition, the Method Statement will involve one of two approaches:

Remote cleaning (non-entry)

Remote cleaning uses a range of equipment suitable for the specific needs of the tank. This is the preferred option which can be carried out through high-pressure water jetting, shot blasting and pumps as well as 3D Head technology and tracked robotics with suction hose attachments.

Confined space entry

If remote cleaning is not possible, we will carry out carefully planned confined space entry by our highly skilled engineers. There are different categories of confined space entry, from low to high risk. Fully trained in confined space entry, our tank cleaning professionals are experienced operators in high-risk environments and equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment.

Comprehensive Health and Safety Management

Jet Aire operates a comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety Management system, incorporating procedures which reduce and eliminate risk. We have a long list of industry accreditations which includes OHSAS 18001 certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management, CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), Constructionline Gold, and SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) which awards SMAS Worksafe qualification.

Our expertise in safety management makes us a trusted contractor for complex, large-scale and potentially hazardous industrial work. We have highly skilled engineers trained to operate safely and efficiently at sites subject to Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) regulations.