Going the extra mile to hazardous places

In drainage, going the extra mile sometimes takes on an almost literal meaning. In other words, it involves travelling to locations which, due to inaccessibility and local conditions, other drainage companies would be either unwilling or unable to go to.

Offering that comprehensive capability is a big part of Jet Aire’s business and a major factor in our success in winning large industrial drainage contracts. It requires a specialist fleet backed by highly trained operatives and advanced equipment which enable maintenance in the most technically demanding locations. Jet Aire have invested in those assets to allow our site teams to work in all types of environments.

It means that we can meet the challenges presented by certain sites, including woodland, steep gradients, dangerous substances and areas with poor ground conditions. All-terrain vehicles allow our engineers to overcome difficulties with access and our advanced water jetting units provide efficient, eco-friendly performance for industrial tanks and all types of drainage systems, including large diameter pipework.

With a large pump and an ultra-powerful vacuum, our SuperRecycler 414 units can pump up to 400 metres from a site. We use recycling technology to cleanse and re-use water for jetting on site, providing a fast turnaround of cleaning and waste removal.

Over the years, there have been many examples of Jet Aire’s high technical capability. In a contract at the Manor House estate near Hartlepool, we used our UV-lining system to strengthen a 110m-long drainpipe, which traversed from one side of a valley to the other, suspended in a purpose-built frame. The downstream manhole was located within woodland which meant it had to be cleaned out by jet vac and remote reel. The liner then had to be transported with a quad and trailer to take it to the downstream manhole.

A maintenance project at a major power station in Yorkshire provided a very different setting but an equally demanding undertaking, requiring our team of engineers trained in operating within sites which are subject to Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulation. They offered the skills and experience to handle the risks involved in cleaning a 500m-long, 250cm-diameter drainpipe containing compressed carbon dust, accumulated as part of the site’s industrial waste.

The hazardous work was further complicated by the absence of manholes which required us to open up the pipe to allow access for a specialist milling cutter with a diamond-tipped grinding head that rotates under high pressure water, removing obstacles such as hard built-up concrete and debris.

In another testing and potentially dangerous task, Jet Aire were subcontracted by a North East customer on behalf of Network Rail to carry out maintenance works underneath a rail line near Doncaster. Our team of eight site engineers and four fleet vehicles operated at the either side of the track to unblock and cleanse a 3m-diameter culvert, removing over 220 tonnes of waste of the course of two weeks.

More recently, we were required to install 250 linear metres of UV-liner to concrete pipework directly below the runway at Manchester Airport, posing its own unique operational challenges. The contract involved a high level of risk management, trenchless maintenance methods and careful scheduling to minimise disruption on site.

Indeed, transport hubs are common destinations for Jet Aire’s engineers. Last year we visited Teesport in Middlesbrough to clean sewage tanks on HMS Protector and HMS Echo. The project involved hazardous confined space entry and the technical demands were further increased by the quayside setting, which required Jet Aire to transport over 100 metres of pipes and associated equipment through the corridors of the ships to the tanks below deck.

From runways and railways and to woodlands and docklands, Jet Aire have the skillset, experience and resources to handle the operational challenge of locations which many of our competitors are reluctant or ill-equipped to take on. Our ability to go that extra mile has been instrumental in making inroads into markets and sectors which are difficult to access.

If you have a site that requires technically demanding drainage maintenance, please contact our team for a consultation: