Jet Aire engineers receive SuperRecycler training

This week Jet Aire welcomed a representative from Hvidtved Larsen, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sewer and drain cleansing equipment, for a training session on the operation of the company’s SuperRecycler 414 units.

Jet Aire have a SuperRecycler 414 as part of our service fleet in addition to five FlexLine 414 recyclers manufactured by Hvidtved Larsen, a specialist Danish firm established for over 100 years. Renowned for eco-friendly performance, these advanced systems use recycling technology to cleanse and re-use water for jetting on site. The FlexLine is 30% more powerful than standard equipment and delivers a faster turnaround of urgent waste removal and cleaning projects, but the SuperRecycler provides even better performance.

A larger pump and even more powerful vacuum enable the SuperRecycler to pump up to 400 metres from the site compared to the 100-metre over pump performance of the Flexline. This exceptionally durable sewer cleaning unit can lift from more than 30 metres in depth and recycle simultaneously without a problem. A world-leading recycling system with continuous operation, the SuperRecycler ensures that Jet Aire can clean pipes easier, faster and more cost effectively.

Hvidtved Larsen spent the day at Jet Aire’s head office in Leeds, providing comprehensive training for Jet Aire Site Engineers Joe Wall, Sean Underdown, Ashley Morrison and Harry Shakespeare. They are now proficient in the use our SuperRecycler for de-silting, large diameter pipe cleaning and many of the most challenging industrial cleaning and waste removal tasks.

Jet Aire’s Operations Manager, Lee Whitear, said:

“The SuperRecycler 414 offers energy-efficient technology also reduces environmental impact. Combined with the availability of our FlexLine 414 units, it will enable an even faster response time for our clients, further increasing the speed and efficiency of Jet Aire’s operation.”