Jet Aire invests in safety technology for lone workers

Jet Aire’s site engineers are highly trained in hazardous operations but in their industry there is no guarantee that they will always avoid injury.

Jet Air provide a 24-hour service. As a result, our engineers often work alone during late, unsociable hours. If they were to injure themselves, fall ill or find themselves in an emergency/life threatening situation, it could be extremely challenging for them to seek help.

As such, all lone workers are now equipped with a MicroGuard device supplied by Guardian24. With its innovative technology, Guardian24’s service provides our employees with fast, effective and reliable protection whilst working alone. Equipped with an SOS button, an alarm is triggered and received by Guardian24’s 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre. Their Controllers are able to communicate with the device’s two-way audio feature and send emergency help to the user’s location. With the BS 8484:2016 accreditation in place, Guardian24 are able to bypass the 999 service, ensuring a much quicker response time in an emergency situation.

Jet Aire opted for MicroGuard because it is equipped with an automatic ‘Man Down’ detection feature. This means that if one of our employees falls or collapses, an alarm is automatically triggered by the sudden impact.

Grant Bell, Compliance Manager at Jet Aire, explained the decision to introduce MicroGuard:

“We needed to implement a means of control to ensure our lone workers were closely monitored for their personal health, safety and wellbeing. Our drainage engineers can now go about their daily tasks with reassurance and confidence that they have backup and support in an emergency. Our engineers clip the devices to their belts meaning they are completely hands-free at work, so none of their activities are affected.”

Jet Aire are always seeking new ways of minimising risk. MicroGuard is our latest measure to increase safety and, whilst we hope that our staff never have cause to use it, the device provides peace of mind for all concerned.