Jet Aire show rock-solid reliability at concrete plant

Jet Aire’s engineers once again proved their determination and quick thinking during a recent trouble-shooting project in West Yorkshire, where we visited the plant of a leading pre-cast concrete manufacturer to complete an assignment that was every bit as hard as the client’s products.

The company has used Jet Aire for various past contracts involving conventional maintenance, dealing with waste from the site’s drainage networks. This time we were asked to oversee the clearance of a very different material in the form of concrete aggregate which had spilled from one of the factory’s conveyor belts into a cellar area.

A team of two Jet Aire engineers arrived with one of our high-performance recycler units, utilising its exceptional suction strength to recover the aggregate which had piled up underneath the belt and spread to the foot of the stairwell which provided access to the cellar. The basement location presented an operational challenge as our engineers transported the equipment below ground level and fed the suction hose into an awkward and restrictive space.

The coarse nature of the material required Jet Aire’s engineers to load much of the aggregate manually into the pipe. It was physically and technically demanding work, but Jet Aire’s team rose to the challenge with customary skill and commitment. Once all the aggregate had been cleared, their work was completed with a full wash down of the affected area. Within a few hours, the facility had returned to full operation and downtime was kept to a minimum.

The project was one of many examples of Jet Aire’s impressive ability to adapt to unusual situations and come up with fast, effective solutions. When it comes to reliability for the trickiest tasks, our engineers are as rock-solid as the toughest concrete.