Jet Aire invests £400,000 with a major fleet addition


Jet Aire have invested a further £400,000 in our fleet capability with the purchase of company’s first recycler. We have acquired a JHL FlexLine 414 unit, one of only four such units in the UK and the only one based in the North. Renowned for its eco-friendly performance, the Danish-manufactured FlexLine 414 uses recycling technology to cleanse and re-use water for jetting on site. The system is ideal for de-silting, large diameter pipe cleaning and many of the most challenging industrial cleaning and waste removal tasks.

The purchase follows further investment in “Ultracoat” division of the business, a product that strengthens weak or corroded structures with a reinforcing epoxy resin, and the addition of a state-of-the-art UV lining rig which repairs pipes by inserting and inflating a liner containing a special resin which is then cured by UV lights to effectively create a new pipe within the original pipe. Both Ultracoat and UV, compliment the hot-cure and ambient lining operations that Jet Aire have carried out for their client base for over a decade.

Jet Aire Managing Director, Charlie Kirk, said: “Jet Aire’s recent investments put the company in a very strong position as one of the few drainage contractors in the North with the “one stop shop” capabilities that our new fleet additions offer. FlexLine 414 units are 30% more powerful than standard equipment and deliver faster turnaround of urgent waste removal and cleaning projects. Their energy-efficient technology also reduces environmental impact and carbon footprint. In recent years Jet Aire’s business has significantly expanded and hiring a FlexLine 414 on a project-by-project basis has been a costly exercise, so investing in our own will be more cost-effective in the long term as well as providing a faster response time for our clients. Similarly, the UV addition will allow the Company to perform a faster repair for our clients, when the conditions allow the use of the UV rig.”

In keeping with Jet Aire’s tradition of naming each new fleet unit, we have decided to call our FlexLine 414 “Rhino” in recognition of the Leeds Rhinos, the city’s famous rugby league club. Rhino is now available for customers across the region.