Nightclub customer admires Jet Aire's dancefloor moves!

Under normal circumstances Jet Aire might raise an eyebrow if we heard that one of our engineers was in a nightclub until 2am on a Tuesday night. However, when we were told exactly that by a customer in Burton upon Trent, it turned out to be another example of the hard work and dedication of our team!

The customer in question is Martin, the joint owner of a club which became flooded due to a drainage issue. The emergency call-out was requested on Tuesday evening and Tom, one of our engineers, arrived at 9pm to seek a solution for the soggy dancefloor. After some lengthy investigation and several tests, Tom was able to identify a blockage below a nearby building as the cause of the problem. By 2am his work was done - the nightclub’s drainage was back in full flow and the floor was fit for dancing.

Martin contacted us to express his gratitude for the speed and effectiveness of Jet Aire’s response:

“Tom went above and beyond to help us out. He really put the work in and spent more time than you could reasonably expect in order to properly rectify the problem. The club was open again two days later so thanks to Jet Aire's hard work the drainage issue hasn’t caused any loss of business.”

Tom may not be the greatest dancer (we can vouch for that) but he’s certainly got a few moves when it comes to drainage repairs.