Pollution Prevention: Jet Aire demonstrate our value as a go-to trouble-shooter

The severity of drainage problems can vary enormously, but when an issue becomes protracted or difficult to surmount, it can quickly escalate into the nightmare scenario of a pollution incident.

That’s an unthinkable outcome for many organisations, but it’s also an inevitable risk for those in charge of managing regional or national estates which, as a natural consequence of their size and complexity, are subject to an immense variety of potential contributing factors. Having an effective trouble-shooter brings valuable peace of mind for these organisations and it’s one of the reasons why Jet Aire has become a go-to maintenance contractor for many of the biggest names in the UK’s utilities sector.

An example of Jet Air’s value in these circumstances recently occurred in Brotton, where our client, Northumbrian Water, called upon our team of engineers to solve an extremely challenging problem.

Northumbrian Water had suffered a blockage in the network which was impacting on the Combined Sewer Overflow and was taking a long time to resolve. The predicament was largely due to issues surrounding the structure of a 6-metre manhole chamber, requiring further works to address structural issues, with the added complication of extremely difficult traffic management conditions.

Dave James, Technical Support Advisor, Northumbrian Water, wrote to Jet Aire to praise our work in averting a much worse issue:

“The three-man team from Jet Aire worked tirelessly throughout. Their knowledge, experience and dogged determination ensured that, with a great deal of persistence, we managed to resolve the issue and more importantly avoided a pollution incident.

This crew always gets involved when we have a pollution or pollution risk incident. They understand the importance surrounding the severity of pollution and the work required to try and resolve the incident as quickly as possible, as safely as possible and with minimum impact to the environment.

I cannot stress enough how hard they have worked over the last few days at Brotton. They have run on every night without complaint, worked tirelessly throughout, offered help and support when needed and basically been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Also, the task in hand meant we had to arrange multiple traffic management attendances due to emerging risks. We had to make arrangements with Redcar and Cleveland County Council to have traffic lights turned off on multiple occasions. Jet Aire have made these arrangements each time without fuss or complaint, and ensured we had what we needed on every attendance to ensure works could be completed safely.

I just wanted to highlight the hard work and effort that has been put in by all involved to ensure we avoided a pollution incident and eventually got the issue under control. I know the guys are paid for what they do, but I felt on this occasion they needed to be recognised for going above and beyond, ensuring the outcome was a successful one, which sometimes isn’t always the case if not tackled in this manner.”

Thanks to Dave for his kind words – we always appreciate positive feedback and this case was a perfect illustration of how a combination of specialist expertise, determination and a can-do attitude is a vital resource in drainage maintenance.