Prevention is the best cure for drainage troubles

Autumn and winter can be nightmare seasons for drainage and surface water issues. Heavy rain, high winds, fallen leaves and other debris can contribute to all manner of problems. As recent events in many parts of the UK have starkly demonstrated, flooding can have a particularly damaging and disruptive impact on homes and businesses. It has been a very busy time for Jet Aire as we have been called out to building sites, distribution centres, housing estates and industrial facilities affected by floods. For many companies, the repercussions have been severe: halted production, increased costs from downtime, disrupted operations and damage to property have all taken a toll.

Numerous customers have enquired about the underlying causes which exacerbate drainage problems caused by excessive rainfall. As autumn deepens, leaves drop from trees and silt and debris from roads get washed into drains, building up over time. Eventually this build-up starts to obstruct the free flow of water and, when a sustained downpour or sudden torrential burst occurs, its effect on drainage capability becomes apparent. That’s when drains come under strain and all the undetected issues literally come to the surface. 

During our recent visits to affected sites, many business owners have asked Jet Aire if there is anything they can do to prevent a recurrence of these issues in future. Thankfully, our answer is yes. Various measures are available to minimise the risk of flooding and overflow on site. The most effective is a schedule of periodic de-silting of drains, gullies, ACO channels and sewer pipes. To achieve this, Jet Aire utilise the latest high-pressure jetting equipment to completely remove any build-up. This ensures that drainage systems are obstruction-free and far more able to manage large volumes of surface water and rainwater.

Depending on the nature of site, we recommend that many buildings/estates book a 6-monthly or 12-monthly PPM (pre-planned maintenance) schedule of de-silting and sewer cleaning in order to keep drainage systems clear and free-flowing. Using this preventative approach will drastically reduce the risk of disruption and downtime caused by extreme weather.

Jet Aire currently carry out PPM contracts for companies of all types and sizes, including some of the biggest names in retail – you can read more about this here. Many businesses have also upgraded their service level with periodic CCTV condition surveys which examine pipe interiors before taking any measures to improve their efficiency. CCTV surveys will highlight any potentially problematic blockages or obstructions, but they can also reveal any defects or damage to the pipe fabric or structure. Faults can then be remediated by a range of appropriate measures, from patching and lining to coating, infiltration sealing and robotic cutting. Carried out less frequently, a CCTV survey is used as a long-term preventative maintenance measure to complement the seasonal preventative maintenance of de-silting and sewer cleaning. It can avert the possibility of a defect reaching an advanced state resulting a major problem such as a collapsed pipe which requires lengthy and expensive excavation.

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