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Jet Aire carry out a comprehensive range of drain repairs for domestic, industrial and commercial sites. Our expert engineers and advanced technology can diagnose problems and provide the most efficient and cost-effective drain repairs.


We provide fully-costed drain repairs for any type of issue, including cracked pipework, blockages and build-up, general wear and tear, faulty joints/connections and damage caused by tree roots, heavy traffic or site activity.

How much do drain repairs cost?

The cost of drain repairs can vary quite significantly, depending on the cause and extent of the problem. However, Jet Aire’s team of experienced engineers has carried out drain repairs for countless customers over the years and we have the expertise to identify the most efficient and cost-effective solution with a no-obligation quotation. Wherever possible, we seek to provide a solution that avoids costly and disruptive excavation. In most cases, our range of services enable drain repairs without digging up pipework.

We provide drain repairs for the following:

  • Offices
  • Retail estates
  • Distribution centres
  • Industrial sites
  • Residential properties
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Leisure amenities

Drain repairs – our range of services

CCTV drain surveys are extremely useful and cost-effective for businesses and public sector organisations as well as domestic customers.

Drain repairs for localised damage

Localised damage, including small cracks or unstable joints, is often caused by a simple blockage. In many cases of localise damage, effective drain repairs can be provided with patching. The patch consists of a length of glass fibre matting, which is coated in resin. To install the patch, the matting is rolled around a “packer”, which is then pulled through the pipe and inflated, making the patch adhere to the pipe wall. Once the patch has cured, the packer is deflated and removed.

Drain repairs for multiple issues

When multiple problems are identified, too numerous to install localised patches, the most effective drain repair is a sewer lining. These type of drain repairs involved a resign-impregnated liner which is installed and cured using either an ambient, hot or ultra violet curing method. Alternatively, we can also apply our Ultracoat system, a structural epoxy spray coating application which be used to provide rehabilitation and structural reinforcement. It’s extremely durable and reliable with zero failures in the last 35 years.

Drain repairs for tree root damage

When a tree root penetrates a drain, this can cause extensive leakage and blockages within the pipe. Jet Aire can provide a variety of drain repairs, using the latest hydraulic root cutting equipment to remove any roots without damaging the pipe and eliminating expensive excavation.

Drain repairs for chambers and tanks

Chambers and tanks often have a build-up of product on the side walls and floor. Our drain repair method for this issue is simple and effective: we use ultra high pressure water jetting or shot blasting to remove the build-up.

Drain repairs for hard-to-remove items

On rare occasions, an item within a drain is causing a problem but cannot be removed using traditional high-pressure water jetting methods. In these cases, we can carry out the drain repairs with robotic cutting.

Common causes of problems requiring drain repairs

A variety of causes can create problems within drainage networks that may require drain repairs:

  • Blocked drains
  • Fractured pipework
  • Faulty fall gradients
  • Misaligned joints
  • Concrete or grout build-up
  • Poorly connected pipes
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Cooking fat build-up
  • Collapsed drains / sewers
  • Corrosion and wear and tear
  • Animal intrusion

How can I tell I have a broken pipe or drainage problem which may need drain repairs?

Below are 7 common signs that you may need drain repairs:

1. The smell around where your pipes or sewer lines are often an indication you need drain repairs

2. If your drain takes a long time for the liquid to go down

3. Your drain or toilet is completely backed up for no reason

4. You suddenly start seeing a patch of grass growing more lush than the rest

5. Boggy Ground or a Spongy Lawn

6. An increase in flies or insects

7. Cracks in walls or crumbling foundations

Drain repairs from Jet Aire

– how our service works

Jet Aire follow a thorough and systematic process for drain repairs of all sizes and complexities:

  • 1. Our experienced team of Drainage Engineers visit your site to make an initial assessment of your drainage issue.
  • 2. The initial assessment often identifies a clear problem which is immediately apparent (for example, a blockage). However, if further investigation is required, we recommend a CCTV drain survey.
  • 3. Our CCTV report supplied in digital and hard copy format. If required, we will gladly meet and go through the report with you.
  • 4. We provide fully costed recommendations for remedial works to address the problem. Our drainage expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of drain repair/remediation services.

CCTV drain surveys

When the cause of drain issue is less obvious or straightforward, a CCTV drain survey is often the most reliable way to identify the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Jet Aire have invested in the latest CCTV equipment and software for fast and accurate inspection and reporting, backed by highly trained engineers.

If you want to diagnose an issue or need urgent assistance, contact us today.