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Are your pipes slowly buildinga major problem for you?

If your pipe system is a weakness, let’s make it a strength.

Pipes clog up. Like arteries. If nothing is ever done, your pipe network suffers the equivalent of a heart attack, and equally serious problems follow. Your business will be seriously affected with downtime, lost production, lost customer goodwill and significant emergency repair customer relationship costs.

Prevention is far better than cure and Ultracoat is an amazing solution.

Ultracoat from Jet Aire

Only Jet Aire holds the UK licence for this acclaimed and proven US product which has twenty years of success behind it.

Independent tests by IKT (Germany’s Institute for Underground Infrastructure) concluded the average bond strength to concrete is 250-300psi. A hydrostatic pressure test carried out by the structural engineers Watkins Haggart concluded the epoxy withstood over 400psi/27.6 bar. In all tests, the substrate failed before the epoxy coating did.

It’s easy to request a survey. We’ll attend your premises and inspect all pipework and drainage. We’ll give you a full report on their condition and the cost of Ultracoat protection for them. We charge a nominal fee to cover our costs but this is deductible from any project proceeded with.

Advantages of Ultracoating

epoxy resin coating

Sets to a
ceramic hardness

Extending the life of your pipeline
for up to fifty years

Over 10,000
successful applications

Ideal for water, chemical & food production facilities, digesters, bunds and manholes

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