Over 20,000m of pipe network rehabilitated every year

The leading provider of water mains and sewer maintenance in the North East of England currently supplies over 2.7m people, from the borders of Scotland down to the rolling hills of North Yorkshire.

Working in partnership with Jet Aire, they have developed a proactive maintenance plan that safeguards the long-term durability of their assets and reduces the risk of flooding.

With over 60,000km in water mains and sewers to look after, they have developed this innovative proactive approach to assessing drainage and remediation work that requires no digging or excavation work.

The situation

Employing a proactive drains maintenance plan with Jet Aire ensured that the drains and sewers in the North East of England were continually being assessed and repaired if needed.

With over 25% of the pipes examined requiring work, it proved to be substantial task to ensure the client didn’t face any fines for flooding and to keep services running as normal for their customers.

External and internal sewer flooding is caused when sewers become overloaded because of severe weather, equipment failure, blockages, or sewer collapses. Each water utility provider needs to provide to OFWAT the total number of flooding incidents, including flooding due to overloaded sewers (hydraulic flooding) and other causes (FOC).

A flooding incident is defined as the number of areas of land attached to a house flooded during a public sewer event. Should any of these incidents occur then they must be reported and then they face financial penalties.

The solution

Jet Aire provided a comprehensive approach to drainage assessment.

We initially targeted those areas with high flooding potential and completed extensive CCTV surveys along with jetting to get a clear understanding of the asset.

As a result of these surveys, we identified over 25% of the pipes required repair, either localised structural repair or full lining.

In 2021, we completed over 650 similar projects and have helped to remediate and restore over 400 metres of infrastructure per week, adding up to nearly 20,000m per year.

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