Excavation and installation

Repair, installation and replacement through excavation to maintain and improve drainage infrastructure when trenchless techniques are not suitable.

Where drains are beyond trenchless, no-dig repair, then a full reinstatement of the drain is required. That’s where our excavation and installation team comes in.

We provide domestic and commercial customers with a range of excavation and installation services to help them maintain and improve their drainage systems.

Our engineering team is highly experienced in the excavation of drainage structures of all types and sizes and can remove and repair/replace damaged drainage infrastructure safely and efficiently, with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

Added value


We will provide advice and recommendations for new installations and ensure all work is carried out with minimal disruption.

Complete package

We can undertake any sort of reinstatement works to the required level.

Deep digs

We are experienced in undertaking deep digs and hold all relevant training and qualifications.


Improve the flow and efficiency of drainage systems and resolve long-standing problems.


Our excavations team can carry out a range of drain installations and repairs.

Excavations may be done by hand or mechanically, depending on the location, environment, and other factors. All excavations are carefully planned to avoid any damage to utility lines, with thorough risk assessments in place.

Disruption is kept to a minimum and, upon completion of the work, the site is restored to its previous appearance with any leftover material disposed of through our registered waste partners.

Works include:

  • Rerouting pipes around building work, to give customers better access for ongoing maintenance.
  • Installation of pumping stations and pressurised mains.
  • Repairing highways drainage such as road gullies, manholes or collapsed sections of drain.
  • Replacing gully grates, manhole covers and other ironwork.


We can carry out full installation or replacement and propose new systems to remedy past issues.

These include foul and surface water, clean water supply, sewer connections, manhole construction/repairs, ACO drains, ironwork, pumping stations, interceptors, and sewage treatment plant, and septic tank facilities.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to undertake both shallow excavations and deep digs, providing trench shoring and ground stabilisation to ensure work is completed safely and compliantly.

Here to keep your drainage flowing freely

Our experts are available to quickly diagnose issues, provide cost-effective solutions, and carry out routine maintenance to get your drainage network back to normal as soon as possible.

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