More than £360,000 and 38 days saved

Ensuring that main arterial roads in and out of city centres are flowing and ready for rush hour traffic is vital.

Therefore, when construction works on a major A road in Leeds damaged a section of drainage, the client needed a rapid solution by a trusted and experienced operator. Jet Aire’s Cured In Place Pipping (CIPP) solution was ideal to ensure a robust fix to the drainage and provide a long lasting remediation.

The situation

After a CCTV inspection it was discovered that a section of drainage had been damaged following construction works in the area. The road represents a highly sensitive route in and out of the city centre with many vehicles using it around the clock.

The drainage was located three metres below the service and would usually require civil works to dig up the damaged section and replace with a new piece.

Closing the road down to carry out excavation works would have meant substantial disruption and created unnecessary build up on diversion routes. To close this road during the day and for a significant period of time would have cost in the region of £3 million.

The solution

First, Jet Aire’s highly trained operatives carried out extensive CCTV analysis to target the specific part of the pipe that was damaged.

Working with the client, we identified the damaged section, when the works could be undertaken to reduce disruption, and what the solution would be. Works were carried out during evenings and overnight. A small diversion was put in place to cover for the duration of the two nights of activity to ensure a safe operational area.

Once the damaged pipe was cut and cleaned, the team were able to bring in the CIPP system. Our highly-trained team of engineers installed the new lining using the latest curing technology from ProKASRO; a market-leading German company providing high-end sewer rehabilitation equipment.

The work was completed within deadline to the satisfaction of the client, and, more importantly, the residents were not disrupted by unnecessary traffic and roadworks.

In total, more than 75 metres of drainage was remediated providing that section of pipe with 50+ years of usage.

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